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To bring fundamental changes to various business processes and workflows with the aim of enhancing both the operational and financial performance  organizations.

About Us

KALLQUE can prove to be very beneficial. Reduced cost, streamlined work processes and increase revenue generation are just some of the benefits it can offer. Many companies choose to outsource some parts of their business primarily because it is cheaper than having in-house employees because of decreased labor cost and elimination of cost on employee incentives like insurance, tax, etc.Apart from the cost-effectiveness, KallQue also ensures increased efficiency of your business which can really make the difference and help you stand out from the competition. The software projects quality of work that you can get from KallQue is better than young or new employees.Another advantage at KallQue is that it requires less capital since you don’t have to purchase assets to do the work in-house. For the outsourced work, we already have the needed assets to provide a service.All in all, when parts of your business are being handled by professionals at KallQue, you have the peace of mind required to focus on the core elements of your business. The saved time and money can then be invested smartly in business operations which helps increase profit.For better management of your business, KallQue can help & support in running your business by outsourcing tasks like Inbound/Outbound calls Business operations etc.KallQue provides specialized services that your business can outsource to us and save time and money thereby providing you the freedom for business expansion. 


Design and Development​

Kallque offers quality services that add equity to the deliverables aimed at our customer base.We have executed projects that have involved web applications development as well as customization of products based on a well defined software process and development methodology. Software projects with a thorough customer-centric approach, we offer result-oriented software services maintaining fixed schedule, price and guaranteed delivery.

Quality Assurance

We maintain strong overall quality control of the applications/products developed by the company adhering to reliability, performance and customer expectation. Software projects our team is responsible for monitoring, inspecting and proposing measures to correct or improve various IT systems in order to meet established quality standards. 

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity prevents theft of data and ransomware attacks. It also stops malicious files from getting downloaded into the systems. With all these benefits Kallque helps companies to reach an advanced level in maintaining their applications and network as well Software projects.

Business Process Outsourcing

Traditional business process outsourcing models are being re-engineered through advanced workflows using automation, cloud, IoT and other emerging technologies. Software projects this creates more opportunities for the business leaders and subject experts who unite people and technology to excel in the business operations of the clients. With innovation, new skills and IT industry standards, we drive customer business and constantly add value to various process workflows. 



We are a potential consulting firm committed to deliver quality work and adding value to all our customer base.Innovation and Simplification are the two core values we always rely on and software projects providing IT support for reaching their business goals.Our subject experts create and execute project plans for building the organizations stronger from time to time.With Designing and Delivering of various IT products, our skilled professionals are always striving to set up higher working standards on a global network.


Our focus in the field of education is to empower students on the basics of pursuing higher studies abroad i.e. The U.S, The U.K, Australia & many European countries. Starting with applying for exams like IELTS, GMAT etc., we provide complete support for qualifying in written exam, submission of applications to the Universities, joining formalities and payment of fees etc. Accomodation assistance is also provided to the students registered under Premium category and ensuring end-to-end hassle free overseas education.

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